About Us

As your guests begin to think of what attire to wear and you vision walking down the aisle, the excitement of welcoming your family and love ones in an unforgettable celebration becomes real.

The day has arrived

Take a deep breath, bring in all your memorable childhood senses of smell and open your eyes, indulge yourself into a mixture of flavors and textures of outstanding, colorful dishes with an impeccable Chef Show Presentation.

Take a deep breath

This extraordinary experience is possible thanks to Shaike’s Affairs and Catering, Who can easily convey his magical touch into a dream event you will experience.

Creations unveiled

Chef Shaike’s passion for traveling around the world- up to 17 countries, past and continuous learning in the discovery of techniques of traditional and modern food, allows the creation of new ideas and designs to bring you the best experience ever!

From the crispiness of a single bite to the wide range explosion of flavors, it’s our priority to grant you to the besteventexperiencesothe guests will always leave with a WOW expression.

Preferred Vendors

We offer a selective list of preferred vendors, who can boost your event.