Dips or Small Salad on the Table

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3 for $4 pp / 5 for $5.5 pp / 7 for $7 pp / 10 for $9.5 pp


Olive, Pesto, Sun Dried, Jalapeno, Dill, Mushroom, Guacamole, Olive Tapenade, Olive Oil & Garlic, Green Shrug


Traditional, Roasted Red Pepper, Red Beets, Green Pea Matcha, Tahini, Ambha Tahini


Matbucha, Babaganoush, or Tahini Babaganoush, Beet, Roasted Pepper, Carrot, Israeli, Roasted Eggplant, Corn, Chickpea, Marinated Olives, Tabouli w/Fresh Mint, Couscous w/Dried Fruit, Fried Eggplant


Almond Quinoa, Butternut Squash, Orzo, Pickles & Olives, Asian Cabbage Salad, Green Beans, Cucumber, Lentil, Mushroom, Green Peas, Cherry Tomato & Basil, Broccoli,, Tomato-Brushetta, Julienne Beets or Carrot

Add Brittle Trap of the Sea Start to the first course at $8 pp

Seasoned Skin on crisp Salmon

w/ Coconut Forbidden Rice, Garnished w/Crunch Wasabi Peas & Pickled Ginger on Arugula Green Pea puree. 
2oz fish for 8pp 4oz fish 12pp

Ahi Tuna

three Peppercorn Seared w/ Wasabi Aioli sitting on a grilled Flor de Calabaza.
2oz fish for 10pp 4oz fish 16.5pp

Ceviche serve in a Mini Martini Tuna

w/Mango, Papaya, Red Onion, Orange & Grapefruit, Crispy Wontons.


w/ Ekama, Scallions, Red Onions,Miso Sauce & Crispy Yuca.

White Fish

w/ cilantro, Jalapeno, red Onions,Lemon Juice and Fried Plantain.

For Yellowtail

Sashimi grade, 2oz fish for 10pp 4oz fish 17.5pp

For Seabass

2oz fish for 15pp 4oz fish 27.5pp

Add or Just Meat

Super Tender Seared Rib, Minute Roast, French Roast add $10pp,
Bone Rib, Prime Rib, Skillet Steak, New York Steak, $19pp
USA Short Rib, Lamb Roast, Tenderloine, Filet mignon 29pp,
Two Baby Lampchop, 39pp
One Veal Chop 42pp

Risotto Cake

Select One Add $2 pp
can be made W/Risotto, Couscous, Brown Rice, purple Rice,